Remodeling: How to gain the best ROI

Home-Remodeling: How to gain the best ROI

Remodeling: How to gain the best ROI

HOW TO ACHIEVE THE BEST RETURN ON INVESTMENT IN REAL ESTATE The most popular television programs are about real estate, remodeling homes, real estate investments and improving properties. Channels like HGTV give us inspiration to do upgrades to our homes because the value of our home will increase. Other programs that are super popular feature Do-It-Yourself programs on how to improve your home’s value. It is human nature for us to enjoy the remodeling of properties, especially when it feels like a “diamond-in-the-rough”. We are moved by these transformations and begin to wonder… “With a little elbow-grease and interior design, […]

The Benefit of Building Your Own Office Instead of Leasing

If you are a business owner and looking to move to a new office, one major question you might have is whether to buy a space and build an office, or lease an existing space. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to both, but now is the time to buy instead of lease. The Hardy Group has years of experience building commercial properties, and we know that often the benefits of owning your own space outweigh the drawbacks in the long run. Be Your Own Landlord Dealing with a landlord can be a pain. If your office encounters a problem […]

4 Things to Consider Before Building in Florida

Building any new property can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also be a stressful one if you are not prepared for the process. Construction in Florida presents some unique challenges and there are special considerations to to think about when building. We have been building in Florida for over 30 years and understand what it takes to design and construct a new property. Below are 4 things to consider when thinking about building in Florida. Flooding Florida is a low¬≠elevation state that is hit with frequent storms, and no place within the state is more than […]