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Embellishing the Spa – St. Augustine Commercial Renovation

Nov 14

Debbie’s Day Spa in 2012

Debbie’s Day Spa is a leader in full-service salons in St. Augustine, Florida. Starting in 1999, Debbie’s Day Spa was voted to be the best day and full service salon. The Hardy Group was the right fit for tackling a large renovation to the spa several years ago because of our professional craftsmanship, design, and work. We were chosen by the spa because we are the leader in top-quality work that will transform your business so that it can stand out from others.

The original building, located right on A1A Boulevard, was a single story, low-personality building. Unfortunately, it was lacking on the outside while the business inside was thriving. The Hardy Group took on the project of growing the presence the spa had on A1A by adding a second story, opening up the building with tons of natural light, and creating an ageless personality that was inviting to new customers by developing a landmark on the boulevard. We specialize in transforming buildings into all of their potential giving businesses a new look that demands the attention your business deserves.

Debbie’s Day Spa in 2018

The advantage of working with The Hardy Group for your business is that we do the work quickly with a professional and experienced crew. The manager at Debbie’s Day Spa pointed out recently that our technicians are among a “Great crew” and that it is “always great to work with The Hardy Group.”

Recently, our team was back at Debbie’s Day Spa working on damage that occurred when a car drove into the front of the building. We were given the responsibility to repair the damage and complete the work to the highest standard.

We were able to repair the building quickly, professionally, and without stopping business on the inside. The damage is now patched and looks brand new; hopefully accidents like this do not happen at the spa again!

The Hardy Group is happy to work with customers for all kinds of needs. We focus on top-quality, professional, and start-to-finish work. Our crews are among the best in Florida and we take pride in offering their knowledge and professionalism. We are proud to say we have been locally owned and operated for over 35 years and provide design and build construction to North East Florida. We would like to showcase your business! Contact us to work on a budget for your next endeavor. Whether your business needs are maintenance, renovation, or you are looking for a new building, The Hardy Group can help.