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This is an advise for every single subcontractor that wants to work for this man Becareful with this old man dont trust him please read the contract before signing and always send a note to the owner because this old men is crooked i did a lot of work and invested close to $51,000 on labor on one of his projects he stopped the project for 6 or more months he only sent me $11,000 and he fire me for no reason of course he doesnt want to pay one more cents i dont blame him he may need more money than me but definitly he leaves my family's dinning table with no food im been crying a lot because i never though i was gonna find a crooked contractor i have depressed my wife advise me to continue working but now with a lot of caution, i had to request a loan to pay my sub also now im gonna be 2 or 3 years paying the loan its incredible this old man still doing bad things at his age thanks for reading my comment

- Benjamin


Richard has done work for me over the past 27 yrs. I always call him and he is quick to respond. He does things right...The first time so there are few if any punch items...

- Jim


Excellent work on Hurricane repairs from Matthew and Irma. We recommend him highly.

- Ray and Linda Matuza


Excellent work on Hurricane repairs from Matthew and Irma. We recommend him highly.

- Ray and Linda Matuza


The Hardy Group did an excellent job in restoring our home from Hurricane Matthew. We have had smaller repairs done from Irma, and the work was every bit as good. We recommend him highly.Ray and Linda Matuza

- Ray


Best in town! You won’t find a company that pays more attention to detail than The Hardy Group. No surprises. Professional as they come.

- Powell


Excellent project management. Quality solutions with realistic budgets.

- Ron


Integrity is the key word to describe Richard Hardy and this company.

- Ann


I have done many projects with the Hardy Group, I consider them one of my favorite GC’s. Mr. Hardy runs a tight ship. Which is better for all involved.

- Gary



Embellishing the Spa – St. Augustine Commercial Renovation

Debbie’s Day Spa is a leader in full-service salons in St. Augustine, Florida. Starting in 1999, Debbie’s Day Spa was voted to be the best day and full service salon. The Hardy Group was the right fit for tackling a large renovation to the spa several years ago because of our professional craftsmanship, design, and work. We were chosen by the spa because we are the leader in top-quality work that will transform your business so that it can stand out from others. The original building, located right on A1A Boulevard, was a single story, low-personality building. Unfortunately, it was […]

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Design and Build Firm

Whether you are looking to build a brand-new office complex or simply hoping for quick construction of a small office for your business, working with an established design and building firm can have a significant impact on your overall satisfaction with the process. Essentially, the firm becomes the single point of responsibility. That means that, as an individual or developer, you will incur less risk. You may even experience a significant reduction in the time it takes to complete the project. While the traditional approach to a  building project often consists of a separate designer and contractor, when you work with […]

Five Reasons to Choose a Design and Building Contractor to Build Your Medical or Dental Office

When looking to build a dental or medical office, several options present themselves. Should you go the traditional route and use a Design-Bid-Build approach, or instead find a Design-Build contractor to construct your project? Taking the latter approach would place you inside one of the fastest-growing branches of the construction industry. A 2009 study by the Design Build Institute of America reported that Design-Build projects accounted for 40 percent of the non-residential U.S. construction market, a 10 percent increase over 2005. Design-Build differs from Design-Bid-Build by consolidating the design and construction of a project within one company. Traditionally, a construction project required […]

3 Reasons to Hire a Design-Build Contractor for Custom Home Construction

Discover the numerous advantages of design-build services to effectively prepare for your new custom-home construction. From superior company-to-client collaboration to all-in-one professional expertise, design-build contractors offer developers and future homeowners several options unavailable in the traditional architect/general contractor system. Choose design-build for the following three impressive reasons. Convenient One-Stop Shopping If you’re unfamiliar with home construction or don’t have immediate architect and contractor contacts, building a home will require extensive research into company and contractor portfolios, pricing, estimated project timelines, and so on. Design-build combines architect and contractor services under one roof, giving you access to a team of experts […]

Remodeling: How to gain the best ROI

HOW TO ACHIEVE THE BEST RETURN ON INVESTMENT IN REAL ESTATE The most popular television programs are about real estate, remodeling homes, real estate investments and improving properties. Channels like HGTV give us inspiration to do upgrades to our homes because the value of our home will increase. Other programs that are super popular feature Do-It-Yourself programs on how to improve your home’s value. It is human nature for us to enjoy the remodeling of properties, especially when it feels like a “diamond-in-the-rough”. We are moved by these transformations and begin to wonder… “With a little elbow-grease and interior design, […]

Why You Should Have More Windows at Home and Work

The right lighting can play a very important role in a home or work environment. When it comes time to build your home or office, you should consider more natural lighting. The best way to do that is to have an open space with plenty of windows that let sunlight brighten up your home. Here are some of the many benefits that come out of having a building with more natural light. Mood Sunlight is a big contributing factor to mood, as many studies have shown. Natural lighting is said to increase production of seratonin, which is the chemical that […]

5 Things We Learned From Hurricane Matthew

When we were helping the St. Augustine community rebuild after Hurricane Matthew, we saw the damage that was done to the whole city. Homes washed away, cars destroyed, hundreds of thousands in damage done to buildings. We realized it’s important for our community to be more prepared for the next hurricane. Here are some tips to be protected against serious harm coming to you, your family and your property.   Be Prepared BEFORE Hurricane Season One of the most common issues people have is waiting too long to gather supplies, which can put them in real trouble when the storm […]

Let The Experts Handle Your Next Commercial Project

If you own your own business, it’s important to know that the condition of your office building can have a direct effect on employee morale, customer perception and personal work ethic. Studies show that a nice office can lead to increased happiness for your employees during work. It will also give you a sense of pride knowing that you have a clean and aesthetically pleasing workspace. If you need facilities maintenance, remodeling, or new building construction, call a professional contractor in St. Augustine, FL today. The Hardy Group proudly provides all these services and more.   Maintenance Leaky pipes, mold, […]

Hurricane Recovery Guide: First Steps to Take

If you live near the east coast, chances are you or someone you know was seriously affected by Hurricane Matthew. Matthew destroyed thousands of homes in its wake, caused record-breaking storm surges, and produced enough rain to fill a football stadium. It can be overwhelming for homeowners after that type of disaster, but it is important not to panic. Staying calm and having a plan in place will help you greatly reduce stress. There are some initial steps that you can take yourself, and others that will require professional contractors. It is vital to find a contractor that will get […]

The Benefit of Building Your Own Office Instead of Leasing

If you are a business owner and looking to move to a new office, one major question you might have is whether to buy a space and build an office, or lease an existing space. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to both, but now is the time to buy instead of lease. The Hardy Group has years of experience building commercial properties, and we know that often the benefits of owning your own space outweigh the drawbacks in the long run. Be Your Own Landlord Dealing with a landlord can be a pain. If your office encounters a problem […]