Challenges of Building a New Office

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Building a new office is an exciting time for a business owner! The future is right in front of you, your space can improve the way your business operates, and the hope is that you can turn your investment into profit. But things rarely go as smoothly as planned, and sometimes there are unexpected obstacles that can make life difficult for you. It is important to choose the right contractor who can work with you through it and overcome whatever obstacles get in the way. Some of these obstacles include:

Delays with Existing Properties
If your business is moving into an existing property, there are often unexpected delays that arise. When opening up old walls and floors, it could expose pipes that need replacement, termites, or rotting wood. Issues with installing new electrical systems in existing buildings can also delay building. These issues are rarely accounted for in the budget, and can drive costs up significantly.

Unexpected Costs
Whether your office building already exists or is being built from the ground up, it is an expensive endeavor, so you want to make sure the contractor is up front with you about the cost. A less experienced builder might fail to account for all the appropriate charges. Change orders alter the final bill and cause headaches for owners who didn’t plan on extra expenses.

County Government Regulations
Lack of experience dealing with county governments can lead to delays in the project due to minor issues with the plans. Some counties have strict regulations that can alter your building plans and force you to build a certain way. An experienced contractor will know how to navigate through county regulations and ensure the office is built quickly and without interference from the government.

For help with a new office build or existing office maintenance, contact a group of professionals who get the job done in an efficient, cost-effective. The Hardy Group has been providing superior design and construction services in Northeast Florida for more than 30 years. They will always be upfront about costs and set up a realistic timeframe to get you into your new office as soon as possible. Contact us to get in touch with the experts!